Roskilde Nights Artboard-35 Back COMMERCIAL ROSKILDE FESTIVAL – ORANGE NIGHTS Each night after the last concert on the festival’s iconic Orange Stage this film was shown as people went to bed or moved on into the night. 01M 58S YEAR Directed by Amalie Maria Nielsen produced byAsta Olivia Hallum director of photographyLina Elvekjær BiehlPRODUCTION DESIGNER Stine […]

Wiinston – Jellyfish

Artboard-35 Back VISUAL ALBUM WIINSTON – JELLYFISH Two brothers live and work on a ranch near the Tabernas Desert in Southern Spain – both sharing a passion for barrel racing. When the younger brother gets a chance to leave with a contract his brother must come to terms with being left alone on the ranch. […]

Yangze Event Horizon

Artboard-35 Back MUSIC VIDEO EVENT HORIZON – YANGZE Music Video for Yangze’s single ‘Event Horizon’. 03M 29S 202O Directed byJoachim Morreproduced byChristian Lønhartdirector of photographySøren KahrEDITORJoachim MorreART EDITORSJakob LittauerCamilla MyhrePRODUCTION MANAGERSophus Langdal KönigsonCOLORISTMikkel Hjort-PedersenSTARRINGJakob LittauerCamilla MyhreMUSIC BYYangze

Stakler SHORT FILM STAKLER One day Ronja is followed by an unknown woman. The experience sparks her interest and she is instantly drawn towards the mystery surrounding the stranger and her actions. To her regret, she is not the only one being followed by the woman. Artboard-35 Back Selections Official Selection at OFF 2019 Official […]

Min søster og prinsen

SHORT FILM MIN SØSTER OG PRINSEN Two sisters prepare in the hall of the castle as the prince awaits his suitresses. There’s a lot at stake for their small village and it’s not everyday that you find yourself so close to the power. However, the procedure for the visit has changed and the girls must […]

Jeg har ondt i hovedet. Altid.

Artboard-35 Back CAMPAIGN JEG HAR ONDT I HOVEDET. ALTID. People living in a state of chronic pain are confronted with misconceptions and prejudices on a daily basis. During a birthday celebration Laura is put under pressure by well meaning questions put forward by her family members. Meanwhile, she is not the only one suffering at […]


Artboard-35 Back MUSIC VIDEO WIINSTON – ROSA Music video for Wiinston’s single ‘Rosa’. 03M 33S 2018 STARRINGDaniel RichardsDeon ForbesKaty FordMagnus GriffinA MUSIC VIDEO BYJoachim MorreSøren KahrPRODUCED BYChristian LønhartMUSIC BYWIINSTON

Bjørn på Langeland

SHORT FILM BJØRN PÅ LANGELAND The two friends Anton and Theodor are preparing for a night out. They are young and carefree – facing zero challenges aside of being out of booze. The mood drastically changes when their friend Simon arrives with a confession to make. Artboard-35 Back AWARDS OFF ’22 – Official SelectionNordic Film […]

Europamestre I Skrald

Artboard-35 Back CAMPAIGN EUROPAMESTRE I SKRALD The danes hold the European record for most waste every year. In this campaign the sad news dawn on legendary football commentator Flemming Toft. He was in the commentary booth when Denmark won the European Championship in 1992, but this new title he’s less proud of. Hopefully the danish […]

I min familie

Artboard-35 Back CAMPAIGN I MIN FAMILIE This campaign was put out to support a holistic approach to the treatment of kids living with chronic illness. Behind every child there is a family sharing the pain and we wanted to portray these collective challenges with our film. We tell the story from the perspective of a […]