Wild Child

SHORT FILM WILD CHILD Maria is very excited about going out with her older brother Salomon for the first time. But when Salomon becomes the victim of a hate crime the night drastically changes. Will the traumatic experience have them open up to one another or pull them even further apart? Artboard-35 Back AWARDS OFF […]

Røde Kors – En Jakkes Rejse

Artboard-35 Back COMMERCIAL RØDE KORS – ‘EN JAKKES REJSE’ The film follows a jacket finding its way through the decades worn with individual expressions. 1m 2024 Director Anna Gunvor produced by Christina Wolstrup Director of photography Søren Kahr Stylists Anna Carli Benedicte Morre Production Design Emma Louise Rasmussen PRODUCTION MANAGER Sophus Langdal MUA Hera Mira […]


Artboard-35 Back COMMERCIAL ANGSTFORENINGEN – ‘I DAG BLEV MIRA STUDENT’ Mira has been invited to a high school graduation party hosted by one of her class mates. The day is supposed to be filled with joy, but that’s not the case for Mira. She suffers from social anxiety, and just before her arrival at the […]


Artboard-35 Back COMMERCIAL 3 – INTERNET 5G Unwrapping the box full of 5G internet from 3. 15s 2024 Shooting DIrector Søren Kahr produced by Christina Wolstrup Christian Lønhart AD Emilie Fabricius EDITOR Natalia Szweps Stylist Anna Carli PRODUCTION MANAGER Emma Lykke Sophus Langdal VFX & COLORIST Reset Film Gaffer & Best Boy Kasper Bülow Bertram […]


Artboard-35 Back COMMERCIAL ONE.COM – SHARE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE Three unique entrepreneurs from the North tell their succes stories after sharing their business online. 3 x 40S 2024 Directed byPelle Gøtzeproduced by Christina Wolstrup director of photography Søren Kahr EDITOR Joachim Morre Production Designer Signe Krab PRODUCTION MANAGER Emma Lykke COLORIST Jonas Bech Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen […]


https://vimeo.com/909027306/e6b792b116?share=copy Artboard-35 Back MUSIC VIDEO WEIGHTLESS – MEDINA x DILLISTONE Music Video the song ‘Weightless’ by Medina and Dillistone. 03M 29S 202O Directed by Anna Gunvor produced by Christina Wilstrup Maja Klit director of photography Emil Reedtz EDITOR Mira Thu Stylist Anna Carli PRODUCTION MANAGER William Lindekilde COLORIST Jonas Bech Gaffer & Best Boy Sebastian […]

The Devil and the Angel

DOCUMENTARY THE DEVIL AND THE ANGEL An intimate peak into the love lives of 20 young people. Through vulnerable conversations about their personal experiences, they tell a modern, poetic and realistic story of love in 2021. Artboard-35 Back Artboard-35 Back directed byKathrine Skibsted

Toms Skildpadde

https://vimeo.com/878226280/bd811ebcea?share=copy Artboard-35 Back COMMERCIAL TOMS – SKILDPADDE Two films that visualizes the intense experience it is to take a bite of this Danish classic. 01M 58S YEAR Directed byPelle Gøtze produced by Christina Wolstrup director of photography Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen PRODUCTION DESIGNER Naomi AC VFX Rasmus Yde FIRST AC Martin Lundgaard STYLIST Sofie Lenau Production manager […]

Roskilde Nights

https://vimeo.com/866702646/d7f919bbdf?share=copy Artboard-35 Back COMMERCIAL ROSKILDE FESTIVAL – ORANGE NIGHTS Each night after the last concert on the festival’s iconic Orange Stage this film was shown as people went to bed or moved on into the night. 03M 52S 2023 Directed by Amalie Maria Nielsen edited by Amalie Maria Nielsen Lina Elvekjær Biehl director of photographyLina Elvekjær […]

Wiinston – Jellyfish

Artboard-35 Back VISUAL ALBUM WIINSTON – JELLYFISH Two brothers live and work on a ranch near the Tabernas Desert in Southern Spain – both sharing a passion for barrel racing. When the younger brother gets a chance to leave with a contract his brother must come to terms with being left alone on the ranch. […]