isaac is a production house and community of filmmakers working in the areas of both fiction and commercials.
Our community is built on the core values of care, integrity, ambition and friendship. These values are present in everything we do.

We represent artists who we believe are strong collaborators, dreamers and who have something important to tell us. Working closely together with other creative minds, we seek to carry out directors’ and clients’ visions, always striving to tell stories that reflect and challenge the world we live in.

We have a strong belief in the value of a loving and supportive creative environment, ensuring our filmmakers stay passioned and productive. Therefore we work four days a week, accommodate mental vulnerability and take action to reduce our work’s negative impact on the planet.

This does not mean that we are less hardworking nor efficient. On the contrary, our setup of in-house editors, cinematographers, producers and directors, who know each other in and out, allows us to always discuss our projects across departments and reach the desired product in any given timeframe.

We value long lasting collaborations: whether it’s with filmmakers, clients or agencies.

Christian Lønhart

Executive Producer

Christina Wolstrup


Joachim Morre

Creative Director

Søren Kahr

Managing Director