isaac is a copenhagen based community of young filmmakers. We strive to create beautiful and meaningful stories in an environment that is ambitious, supportive and caring. Our platform is based on youth, talent and relationships with a focus in supporting and educating our people in each of their personal endeavors while providing the right platform and conditions for young talent to emerge and develop. Working across different genres we develop, produce and co-produce short films, documentaries, music videos and commercials. it is our ambition to work in longer formats with talents across borders, who share our visions and values. 
Christian Lønhart
Co-Founder & Producer
+45 20747002
Asta Olivia Hallum
Melanie Dastmalchi
+45 30112219
Maja Klit
+45 60830382
Søren Kahr
Co-founder & Cinematographer
+45 42636433
Sophus Langdal
Production Manager
Joachim Morre
Co-founder & Director
+45 25627224
Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen
Director & Cinematographer
+45 30263577
Emilie Fabricius Hacke
+45 51985150
Mika Blem
Eco- & Office Manager
+45 30355755
Martin Lundgaard Pedersen
Cinematographer & Editor
+45 60879711
Gasværksvej 1, st. th. – København V
cvr: 39348691